Bigfoot Guitars – Karan Singh

Bigfoot Guitars, based out of New Delhi (India), is a custom shop for high quality stringed instruments; acoustic and electric. Started by Luthier Karan Singh, the focus is on using sustainable species of non-traditional tone woods as much as possible. The idea being to show the musical community that exotic species like Rosewood etc are not essential to producing amazing tone. Karan has spent the last 5 years working on developing an appropriate bracing and voicing technique for hardwood tops as well. As a result, the instruments have a unique look and sound associated with them, while being responsibly sourced. Mango, Siris, Jackfruit, Tamarind, Monkey Pod, Indian Laurel & Indian White Cedar are some of the many domestic wood species used at Bigfoot. The defining characteristics of a Bigfoot instrument are projection, sustain and dynamic response. Come, try one out, you’ll be surprised!